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Freehand Machine Embroidery



These are truly unique pieces of art that can provide memories of a holiday or a special moment. Or simply decorate a wall with a stunning image that will surprise people time and again.

If you would like to commission an embroidery, I can produce one for you based on a photograph you send me.

What makes a suitable subject?
 Many clients have asked me to produce an embroidery in memory of a much loved pet. This works very well as the embroidery reproduces their fur in a very realistic manner. Portraits do not work well with this medium as the skin colours and texture are hard to replicate.

Images need to be crisp and bright. It is hard to reproduce an image unless it has a range of tones.

Once we’ve agreed on an image, I will crop and size it to your requirements, so you can see exactly how the finished item will look before you order it. 

How much a commission costs depends on the complexity and detail of the design and its size. Even a small embroidery can take over 100 hours to create if it is highly detailed. Larger ones obviously will take longer. We will agree a price for the work prior to commencement, but as a rough guide a 10cm x 15cm embroidery would be £100.

My commission prices include packing, delivery and insurance within the UK and Europe. Like my other items, commissions are supplied mounted on board ready for you to choose your own frame.

Next steps

To discuss a commission, please use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you right away.

Please also look at my terms and conditions for details on payment for commissions.

Contact me to discuss a commission

Please use the Contact form. I’ll get back to you right away.